Student Experiences Nierika // Experience Design course by Hyper Island

Who can better tell you what to expect during the BSSA program then our students? Every week we share their experiences. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now? This week’s up Nierika Hamaekers (Experience Design by Hyper Island)

“How Hyper Island, and thereby BSSA, pivoted my career path.”

Three months ago I decided to join the Experience Design course by Hyper Island with no idea of what to expect. I was really exited to start because, although I have a very entrepreneurial and creative mindset, I had the feeling my extensive academic background had somewhat held me back in those aspects. It seemed Hyper Island’s hands-on tools and the experiential learning approach was just what I needed. Now that I can look back to my Hyper journey, I can safely say that this experience completely changed my mindset and thereby for sure also my career path. My passion for what I studied at university –Business and Sustainability– is definitively still there, but my ambitions on how to move forward and make this passion reality has pivoted 180 degrees. At Hyper Island I learned how to further increase the value of my previous education: just get shit done.

Being encouraged to getting shit done, prototyping, and killing some of the favorite ideas changed my view on failure. I’m less afraid of failing because I realized how easy iterating is. It’s that simple: just try it again. For iterating and designing new experiences nothing more than a large imagination is needed, this also counts for people like me, who have no actual background in design.

The disciplinary nature of our group is what made us strong, and the tools, methods and mindset we acquired will in turn allow us to make each of our disciplines more awesome. I would definitively recommend Hyper Island to everybody who’s up for a life-changing challenge!