Student Experiences Koen & Kilian // Full Stack Web Development

Who can better tell you what to expect during the BSSA program then our students? Every week we share their experiences. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now?

This week we listen to Koen & Kilian (Full Stack Web Development by NYCDA).

Meet duo Koen (23) & Kilian (24), they both did a study in Entrepreneurship.

How did you get in touch with the BSSA program/Full Stack Web Development course?

Koen: “After my bachelor Small Business & Retail Management I found out that I was really interested in startups. Then I decided to develop a Web Application with my brother. He had a lot of technical knowledge but unfortunately I didn’t. After a while he decided to quit, so that was the moment I realized I had to do it myself. Luckily I found this unique opportunity on Facebook and that’s where it all started!”

Kilian: “During my Master’s entrepreneurship I visited the Start-up Festival, where I met Anne from Le Wagon. She told me about the 3-month Bootcamp of BSSA. She told me about this great change, where I could learn how to code. Something I have always been interested in!”

How do you experience the BSSA program?

Koen: “In my first week I thought; what have I started, since the program was really intense. I had never seen a coded line before in my life. But since I started the program, I have learned how to develop my ideas and put them into practice. I became more secure about my own technical skills. In the past I knew that I had to ask or hire someone else, but since the BSSA program I have learned how to do it myself!”

Kilian: “I had a rough start; I wasn’t as good as the rest of the class. I didn’t have any technical knowledge! However, since the program I have learned several kinds of technical skills and how to use them. I was always full of ideas, but just like Koen, I never knew how to develop my ideas in a real concept.


Koen: “I have learned how to search for solutions and the best ways to learn a technical skill. I know how to find something in case I don’t know how to do it myself. Since I know where to look for, I’m more secure and independent. It’s funny, since 2 months ago; I had really no idea where to search”.

Kilian:” I have learned how to find solutions on a technical level and I know where to go and how to search. Since I have joined the program, I wake up smiling every day. I developed skills and I increased my network, I’m a happy man”.

Koen & Kilian: “We are really happy to see how dedicated everybody in our class is. Everybody knows how intense this course is, but that’s makes them more eager to work hard!”

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  • Words by B. Startup School Amsterdam Students Kilian & Koen