Student Experiences Juwendsley & Sjoerd // iOS App Development

Who can better tell you what to expect during the BSSA program then our students? Every week we share their experiences. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now?

This week: Juwendsley (22) & Sjoerd (25) from the iOS App Development Course


How did you get in touch with the BSSA program/iOs App Development course?

Do you know that feeling when you’re in the shower or in the toilet and suddenly you have an amazing idea? You’re convinced this idea will change the world! You start by putting this idea on paper and making a plan to turn your idea in a company. Surprisingly, additional ideas follow that strengthen your ideas and you’re becoming more and more excited. Friends and family are excited about your idea and you’re becoming more and more motivated.

Step 2 is the realization of your great idea: turning your idea into reality. But then you run into a Major problem: you don’t have any technical or programming skills.

What do you do? You examine your options:

  1. Try to make it yourself, although you realize you will have to learn programming and that will probably take 3 years of your life.
  2. Pay people to make it for you, but that will cost all your rent money.
  3. Find someone who shares the same vision and wants to help, but where are you going to find this person?

Eventually after unsuccessfully looking for a partner, I found the BSSA. It felt like God had been following my search and had guided me to this path, exactly what I was looking for, at the right time. In a weird way I found the BSSA when I was checking my friend’s likes on Facebook.

How do you experience the BSSA program?

It was a really nice experience. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and that is something I always strive for. The schools are organized well. With its intense 5 days a week / 09.00 to 18.00 program, you would think a lot of people would quit the program, but that wasn’t the case at all, especially when you know why you’re doing it.

I participated in the iOS mobile Application bootcamp at the App Academy, where I learned the program language Swift. It was an intense bootcamp where I learned a lot of different skills and met a lot great of people. The lessons are great and you’re guided through the whole process. It’s interesting how all the students come from different backgrounds, but all have the same goal: to learn programming skills! The feeling that you’re able to control something yourself is unbelievable. And believe me, you want to experience that feeling the rest of your life! You’re part of the near future. I can’t wait for my programming future, where I can make my life and the lifes of others better!


How did you get in touch with the BSSA program/iOs App Development course?

After my Bachelor ‘Communication and Multimedia Design’ I applied for jobs for three months until I found out most companies asked for 3 to 5 years work experience. During my application period I came into contact with Manpower who told me about the BSSA program. This sounded like an amazing opportunity so I took up the challenge and started in January 2016 for the 3 months bootcamp at the App Academy to become a junior iOs developer.

How do you experience the BSSA program?

The first couple of weeks were pretty tough because I had to get used to a working rhythm again. First we learned the basic programming principles and then we started focusing on Apple’s new programming language: Swift. During the lessons we worked with exercises to understand certain Swift functions and concepts. Subsequently we used this language to create our first app. It was an amazing feeling to see my own app on my iPhone. Although it wasn’t the next Instagram or Snapchat app, the idea that I programmed software on an iPhone made me feel like a programming super hero.

During the 3 months bootcamp the BSSA and Manpower organized a matching event where you could light-heartedly meet companies. During the event I came to talk to cXstudio, which is a part of Aegon/HCL. They were looking for a junior iOs developer and after our conversation they were impressed with my skills and personality. This lead to a second interview, which eventually got me the Traineeship.