Student Experience #2 – Saan

Who can better tell you what to expect during the program then the students! Every now and then we will share their experience. This week we listen up to Saan (Full-Stack Web Development with JavaScript by NYCDA)

“I have always been interested and eager to learn more about web development. After graduation I wanted to gain work experience in web development at a startup, but as I didn’t have the skills to make a difference in a startup, I couldn’t find the right spot.

I came across B. Startup School Amsterdam and I found what I was looking for. I visited the Open House and applied for the Full-Stack Web Development course by NYCDA.

We are in the 6th week of the program and yet every morning I’m still super enthusiastic to go to B. Amsterdam. The class is super nice! Everybody is dedicated and motivated. They are the ones who give me the structure I need. Just being part of this group is so valuable.

The vibe you feel every day: the building, your fellow students, the skills you learn… it really EMPOWERS.”

– Words by B. Startup School Amsterdam student Saan