Student Experience Yinny // Experience Design by Hyper Island


“I got to know this twenty people in my class way better than my classmates within my masters over a period of a year.”


Why did you think this course would be interesting for you?
I did my bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics and a master in Global Health. During my masters, I did a course called Innovations, where we had to come up with ‘innovative’ ideas for global challenges. And something sparked an interest in me: I really want to do something creative. I never got to be before, and I really like it. I graduated last September and I was job searching when someone told me about this course. At first it was vague to me where Experience Design was all about, but the Info Night really helped… That’s when I got excited!


What was the biggest insight you had during your classes?
I think how fast people can open up to each other. I got to know this twenty people in my class way better than my classmates within my masters over a period of a year. I learned how important it is to create a bond and to establish a team culture, for something to work well on a project. Second best thing about the course was the concept of getting to understanding your end-user. Which is also relevant in health and social context, as a lot of ideas or inventions have failed because there’s no understanding of the end-user. Besides that, my biggest learning was the Design Thinking process, which is totally new to me. It was fun applying it in assignments for actual companies, like Havas Lemz. Brainstorming, coming up with an idea, converging it, prototyping it, testing it, iterate: I guess that’s Design Thinking in a nutshell.


Where are you doing you traineeship now?
I’m doing my traineeship at the IT department of Sumis, a print management company. I’m trying to optimise the workflows and processes that Sumis uses daily, by researching the user experience. So far I’ve been shadowing project managers to understand their headaches and complaints about the process. I’m putting all this information in the backlog so developers can improve the system. My dream is to be part of health and social solutions to positively impact people’s lives, by using Design Thinking and User Experience Research. In the future, I would love to combine my background in health and all that I learned at Hyper Island.


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