Student Experience Vera // Digital Content Creation by The Talent Institute


“First I was skeptical about personal branding: how can you be a brand? I am not selling myself, that’s just weird. But I came back from it. It’s kind of cool to find out your own story.”


What did you do before the DCC-course?
I did a pre-course for Art school but I didn’t get into the real thing, which was awful. After I started a study in Communication and Multimedia Design, quitted that, traveled through South-East Asia and finally graduated in Media, Art, Design and Architecture at the VU university in Amsterdam. I’m glad that I did this theoretical study but I missed the practical part, so putting my knowledge in ideas and actions. I started the course partly because I wanted to learn to work with all Adobe programs, like Photoshop and InDesign. I notice that I need those programs to put my ideas into visual ‘somethings’. I’ve always been interested in design but was never patient enough to really learn it. I’m noticing that again now. It’s hard!


What has been your favourite class?
At one of our deep-dive-Fridays, we had a class about personal branding. First I was skeptical: how can you be a brand? I am not selling myself, that’s just weird. But I came back from it. It’s kind of cool to find out your own story. You have a product that you sell, a style that is a part of you and you have values that you stand for. To start our online portfolios – our personal branding pages – we did an assignment where we had to give just one word to all the classmates. We had to write down the first thing that popped into our heads. At the end, everyone had about twenty words given to them. Then we needed to search for images that suited those words. I saw all these words and colors, and I’m still trying to figure out how they connect… But it’s a good base to work from. A good online portfolio is a start in understanding what fits you, and potential customers know way better what to expect from you.


What is your focus during your traineeship?
I do my traineeship at Boomerang Create. An online creative advertising agency. Their traineeship ‘assignment’ was very open but I just really wanted to go there. They are young, open-minded and street-smart and they look at society and cultures to get inspired. They’re not posh or pretentious, which speaks to me. Also, they are really into open communication. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself, the brand and the customer.

I’m doing a lot of copywriting, help with creating concepts and focus on the Boomerang Community, which is fun. I discovered that there’s a certain way of writing that I know and I’m comfortable with but there is so much more: scripts, short and long copy, writing for social media… Yesterday I had to write one sentence, which took me half an hour. What are the best words to stimulate people to go to this website? I’m enhancing my writing skills here. I always want to do everything at the same time, like getting better in the Adobe programs as well, but then you don’t specialize and grow in the things you’re good at.


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