Student Experience Valerie // UI/UX Design by The New York Code + Design Academy


At UI/UX you’re actually doing research and tests (…) This part I missed in my previous education. I’m flabbergasted about how cool the UI/UX course is!


What was your motivation to start this course?
I studied Styling at Academy Artemis: great, but what next? To make the next step towards a job you need some kind of specialisation, which I did not feel like having. That’s where BSSA comes in great. At Artemis you learn working in concepts, based on your feelings and intuition: Basically, you’re creating things on assumptions. At UI/UX you’re actually doing research on your target group and test your ideas: that what you want and need to know when designing things. This part I missed in my previous education. I’m flabbergasted on how cool the UI/UX course is!


How were your first two weeks at the UI/UX course?
In our first weeks we got insights into the design process of a UI/UX designer. Basically a company comes up to you with a problem. As a designer you do research on the client and their target audience. We learned all sorts of interview techniques to really get to the core of the actual problem. When you finally know what that is, you define it and analyse it more. After researching you try to come up with solutions, you make prototypes which you test and iterate them to the final design is there.


Can you tell us about the project you’re working on right now?
We’re now working on a design ‘Sprint’. Sprint is a term used in product development, which is a period of time where specific work has to be completed. We put what we learned in the first week into practice, by going through the whole design process based on a company’s problem. My group is actually working on a real case for BSSA. It’s great to apply the theory we just learned and being able to get feedback and more information from our client. At the end of the Sprint, we’ll present our ideas. In future weeks we will be focused on, for example, learning Sketch. It’s a design tool for web applications and websites. I’m excited about that!


What do you think is the most valuable thing you’re learning?
There’s a lot of focus on pitching our ideas. A lot of times it is not even a big presentation, but just telling your problem, ideas or questions in public will keep you sharp and focused on the things that matter in your design process. I can see pitching is super valuable: later on, standing in front of a client, you have to be able to sell yourself and your ideas.


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