Never a dull Monday again? This is Stephanie’s story on how she took the challenge.

‘Google is my bff at the moment! (…) Sometimes I feel like faking it because we are using it so often, but apparently, that’s how most developers work.’


What did you do before entering the Full Stack development course?
I studied Educational Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I decided to not pursue a master’s degree because I wanted to have some work experience first. It was hard to get a job with my bachelor degree only, but I managed to get a job as Customer Care Manager for a year. Which wasn’t really my thing in the end. I thought of doing a masters after, but because of budget cuts in education, you are not guaranteed a job in this field anyway. Through a friend, I then stumbled on the Full Stack development course.


Why did the Full Stack development course interest you?
I always had an interest in tech. I had this profile page, CU2, when I was younger. There you can make a profile using HTML-code. That was the beginning for me interacting with code, and I loved it. After high school, I actually was doubting between studying Educational Sciences or Artificial Intelligence. I think I should have chosen to study something in tech all along. Other than the CU2 account I did not have any experience in coding whatsoever.


How did you experience your course so far?
I think working on the back-end is most fun. We practiced by making a ‘user information app’. Within this app, you can search for users within a search bar. When you type something in, something will come up from the app. It sounds simple but it takes solid coding skills. It was really exciting to be able to do that. Funny thing: Google is my bff at the moment! We learn to use it a lot. Sometimes I feel like faking it because we are using it so often, but apparently, that’s how most developers work. I think the hardest part about learning how to code is looking for the right (part of) solution via Google, and really understand what it is or how it works at the same time.


What are your future plans?
I actually want to work for a non-profit company. Something concerning education would be nice. I want to do something good for the world, I don’t see myself working for any commercial company. I would love to go overseas to California. I like the weather, the surroundings and the opportunities in tech. Besides, I would like to learn more about mobile applications because I think that’s the future. Overall I think this is a great career change for me to pursue!


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