Student Experience Noer // Full-Stack Development at The New York Code and Design Academy


“One day, I want to start a non-profit organisation on another continent (..) and help people who live in poor circumstances by teaching them how to code.”



What did you study before joining the course?
Last year, I finished my bachelors in Cultural Anthropology, which I loved. For the rest of the year, I worked, making handmade candy at a store called Papabubble. But I wanted more. To see what’s out there in the world and broaden my horizon I went exploring. I went to meet-ups, read books, met new people and eventually ended up experimenting with web development. The internet has lots to offer regarding learning how to code yourself. I failed a lot and horribly. I didn’t know really know what I was doing, but I didn’t let it bring me down. I reached a certain skill level in about a month, practising two hours a day. After that, I didn’t think I could improve any more – at least not by myself. So I quit, let the idea go and continued working. But a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Full-Stack Development course of the New York Code and Design Academy at BSSA. I took the chance immediately.


Do you want to combine coding with your Cultural Anthropology background?
I kind of have a vision and maybe it’s a bit too much… But you got to dream big, right? One day, between now and ten years, I want to start a non-profit organisation on another continent. Maybe Asia or South-America, where I can dive into another culture, and do something with education in web development. I want to help people who live in poor circumstances by teaching them how to code. In that way, I could maybe change their lives so they can change other people’s lives as well. I’m taking it step-by-step though. First I want to master coding myself. If I can do it, I can maybe find a partner or more people who share this dream, and we can start something together.


How did you experience the first two weeks of the course? 
I love coding! Honestly, I can’t stop doing it. Every day we get about two or three lectures, and in between, we discuss the content in groups and do little assignments ourselves. Almost daily we need to hand in an assignment, which is good because it keeps you sharp. I’m actually learning fast, which is quite nice. Because of my pre-knowledge, or maybe my coding talent, I’m actually helping other people in my class out with some things. It motivates and energises me that I can make other people understand it as well.


What do you expect to learn in the months to come?
Hopefully, this three-month boot camp teaches me how to code! I also hope to learn to communicate better with my classmates – I always sucked at that – so basically to work better in a team. Also, I hope to get better in teaching other people. Which is valuable for my bigger goal – setting up a coding school abroad – as well. The last thing I want to get out of this course is a beautiful portfolio, with a lot of amazing websites and web-apps that I can show the world!

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