Student Experience Lotte // Growth Hacking by The Talent Institute

‘You learn a lot from each other. It feels empowering to have a group like this that has your back.’


How did you get in touch with BSSA?
I studied psychology and did a second master in persuasive communication. After that, I started applying for jobs… I wasn’t really succeeding in it. After two months, I was frustrated. I saw BSSA on LinkedIn and joined the Info Night with an open mind. After that Info Night, I was sure I wanted to do the GH course.


How do you experience the Growth Hacking course so far?
First, we had four weeks of classes and I started my traineeship two weeks ago. Like most people in my class, I had a different idea of what the course would look like. I thought I would be constantly behind the computer but I was not! Next to diving in the analytics part, learning about ‘the one metric that matters’, SEO and Storytelling, we did a lot of exercises in presenting ourselves and we even had to make up our own Lean Startup idea. We came up with an ironing service for people who have little time to do that themselves. It was interesting and inspiring to experiment with the Lean Startup method of working, opposed to traditional working methods.

For a whole week, we learned to work with the AARRR model: a startup metrics model what makes you help to understand what is good and/or wrong with your startup. We applied all exercises regarding this model, on the company where we were going to do our traineeship. That made the classes enjoyable, you would get immediately a better view on how the business is built and the outcomes are right away applicable while doing your traineeship.


What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far?
That you learn by doing. When I started my traineeship, I was afraid that I did not know enough. Just by doing, asking around and Google-ing: you’ll succeed! The most fun thing was that our group was already so close after the first week. We communicate the whole day through slack, WhatsApp and Snapchat. You learn a lot from each other. It feels empowering to have a group like this that has your back.


What are you doing at your traineeship?
I’m doing my traineeship at HotelChamp. Our task as Growth Hackers is track and improve all the channels they are using to reach out to their customers with using Google Analytics. For example last week they started a LinkedIn campaign and made two ‘Landing Pages’. So, we’re going to track both and see if one of them is doing much better in the conversion rate.