Student Experience Lies // Digital Content Creation by The Talent Institute


‘The teachers are actually working in the field (..) they know exactly what you do or don’t need to know’


How did you get in touch with BSSA?
In 2015 I finished my bachelor Cultural Heritage at te Reinwardt Academy.

I started working fulltime at a cafe because finding a job in a cultural institution is pretty much impossible. I went travelling for 8 months and once I came back… I found myself working at the same café again. I did not know if I wanted to start looking for a job or wanted to go back to school. I had a lot of knowledge and drive but missed actual skills, a network, an inspiring surrounding and the experience every company is asking for. So I went exploring online and bumped into the BSSA-program through Facebook. I was so super excited: this course is made for me!


How do you experience the programme?
I just finished my one month of classes and will start my traineeship next week. The best thing I thought was that the teachers in the program are actually working in the field. So they know exactly what you do or don’t need to know about a certain topic. They know what is going on in their field: the trends, the latest discovery’s and so what skills the market is asking for. This makes everything you learn useful and truly fun.

All students attending are super motivated to grow, which makes it an inspirational course to be in. Everyone participates and gives it a 100%, this made it a really good climate for me to thrive in. At the start of the course, we did all these exercises and crazy assignments – like a dinner-challenge! – to get to know everyone, which caused a safe and kind atmosphere among all of the students. And being in the B.Amsterdam building itself felt already so good. It feels like the place to be when you’re a starter: the atmosphere is bubbly, appealing, inspirational, young, dynamic, everything-is-possible.

My biggest learning was that I have to get better in presenting myself and my thoughts. While I am thinking a lot about things and have my opinions: I have to learn to formulate them faster and better. Pitch classes and doing 4-minute-speed-dates with the companies we could do our traineeships at, was a great exercise for that. Learning the basics of creative programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro are going to be super useful in my traineeship – and beyond. I really feel like I just have to practise to get better, and that is what the traineeship will allow me to do.


Where do you see yourself in the future?
I will start my traineeship at the B. Startup School Amsterdam itself next week. I hope to stay there as a Digital Content Creator for even after this six months of training. I really feel for their message: helping starters to kick-start their careers. Later on, I see myself preferably working at a cultural institution or a company with a societal importance. As I am really passionate about people, environmental protection and sustainability.