Student Experience Jeroen // Growth Hacking by The Talent Institute

“There are 7 experienced online marketers within the company, so it will be a great environment to learn lots.”


What was your situation before the Growth Hacking course?
After high school, I studied Hotel Management and Marketing Management. I worked for some time at a pizzeria as the assistant manager, and right before entering the course I was ‘community coordinator’ at the Amsterdam Light Festival. I always had a love for marketing, especially for telling stories and creating experiences. Which all these things have in common. Because of the super fast innovations in technology, soon there was a gap between what I’d learned at Marketing Management and what the market was asking for. I also lacked experience, so finding a job in Marketing was hard.


Looking back at your previous job: do you think they could have used a Growth Hacker?
I didn’t know what a Growth Hacker was at the time, but they could have used one. The past month we’ve learned lots about Google and Facebook analytics and ads: knowledge which can be very valuable to a company. About ads, I’ve learned that you ‘shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket’. If you want to find the right customer for your product, you should create different ads and test which one performs best. So don’t just put one ad out and put cash behind it: it’s a waste of time and money.

Last week we had a class about UX-design which I found super interesting and helpful for businesses. It was about boosting user’s satisfaction and increasing conversion, for example by using different colours, texts and buttons. The main learning from that class was that a website should be focused on the customer. Which sounds much simpler than it is. A lot of companies want to put so much information on their site – which makes that the customer, the one that brings the money in, isn’t served first. Focusing on everyone is basically focusing on nobody.


Where will your traineeship be?
I will do my traineeship at SocialMediaMan. A company that helps other companies creating their online marketing strategy. Within the company, I’m responsible for setting up their e-learning platform ‘the SocialMediaMan Academy’. Together with a student of the Digital Content Creation course, we’re setting it up from scratch, using the Lean Startup methodology. At the end of our traineeship, the platform must be up and running, and the marketing funnel must be refined and optimised. There are 7 experienced online marketers within the company, so it will be a great environment to learn lots. Hopefully, I’m able to start as a junior Growth Hacker after these six months… I’m really looking forward starting my traineeship next week!


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