Student Experience Ijk // Digital Content Creation by The Talent Institute


‘You can actually influence the success of your online content by incorporating persuasion techniques.’


What did you do before you decided to do the DCC course?
I studied Osteoarchaeology, which is the study of human bones. When I was finished, I decided to give my mind a rest, and just do something I thought was fun. I ended up blogging and helping someone with Social Media. I had a lot of ideas for visuals but I did not know how to put them on paper or create them on the computer. And at some point, I realized I really wanted to know what I was doing, reach out to my capacities and develop myself more in creating creative content. I was just learning from my own mistakes all the time, which was helpful, but I was ready for some actual education in this field.


And did you find what you were looking for in this course?
Absolutely. Looking at my previous work, I already see what I have would have done differently. I really loved the whole lecture on persuasion. You can actually influence the success of your online content by incorporating persuasion techniques.  It’s about playfully manipulating your visuals or rephrasing your own words and because of it, changing someone’s behavior and reaching people in a different way. It is very fun to incorporate it in your own copywriting, without making it to obvious. I liked this class so much because I noticed before that it is só hard to reach people, also the right people, with your online content. You put in so much effort and then nothing happens, super frustrating!


Where will you do your traineeship?
At Healthy Workers, a b2b company that made an app which helps other companies to understand how to create a better work environment for their employees. Healthy Workers is part of and located at B. Building Business – as well home of the B. Startup School Amsterdam – which I really like. I like being in this kind of environment, I love the creative chaos here, the mosaic of talent. It feels like there are so many possibilities here. I will be focusing on email marketing. They are very open to my input about health and food, which I blogged about before. When we first met, there was an instant connection and we were both looking forward working together.


How do you see your future?
I want to blog, this way I can be creative and let my voice through. On the side, I want to do my own drawings and photography. Maybe some excavations in the summer, because I miss being outside. I started this course to open more doors, develop my talents further, and see where I would end up. The Talent Institute is a great place for that!


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