Student Experience Desiree // Digital Content Creation by The Talent Institute


“Although we all don’t have a lot of work experience or skills, they see talent in you, which is the warmest welcome.”


How did you experience the first weeks of the course?
Starting this course was, first of all, a great surprise but most of all, a confirmation that this was the right step for me to take in my life. The second week was even more of a confirmation! Right from the start, I felt understood. Not only by my fellow students but also by the teachers of The Talent Institute. They have a good understanding of where we students come from and the things we are struggling with after graduation. Although we all don’t have a lot of working experience or skills, they see talent in you, which is the warmest welcome.


Can you tell us a bit more about the programme?
The first couple of days are ‘the culture days’, which were about getting to know each other and defining what we wanted our group culture to look like. Which caused respect and connection among everyone. Next, we had an introduction in Lean Startups, which changed my whole mindset. Roderik Hageman, the founder of The Talent Institute who gave birth to multiple start ups, was leading these classes and it was interesting to hear his personal experiences. He gave us lots of good advice and this lead to so many practical tips about what I should ask my traineeship company. I already feel so empowered, not only in skills but also with a new mindset.


How about those self-study hours?
The Talent Institute is basically saying: it is your education, so you should own it. We split up in groups of five in those self-study hours. The four key elements of the course are copywriting, visuals, video and analytics. In every group, there is somebody that is already pretty good in one of this elements. The idea is to complement each other by helping each other out.


What do you expect from the upcoming weeks?
A lot! I already feel comfortable with copywriting but I want to level up in Photoshop and Illustrator. Tomorrow we have our ‘Matching Event’ – where students and companies are meeting each other to find the perfect match for a traineeship. Last week we got advice from an actor about how to get the most out of our speed dates: we practised in naming things we’re good at and our Unique Selling Point. He showed us the importance of reading into the companies and asking questions during the event, about their online presence. And he gave us tips about our posture, body language and articulation. I feel prepared for this and look forward to meet the companies. I hope I get surprised!


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