Student Experience Ayaan // Growth Hacking by The Talent Institute


‘ (…) it’s is my ultimate dream to help a start-up grow into a big company!’


What did you do before starting the Growth Hacking course?
I studied Marketing at the Amsterdam University of applied sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). After graduating I worked in the marketing department of KLM for a year – and even though it’s a great company where I learned lots – I wanted more freedom for my ideas. I traveled through Australia and Asia for some time and thought hard about what I wanted to do next. The term Growth Hacking was addressed during my studies and I read various books about it, which made me excited about the subject. So I decided I wanted to look for the means to learn more on the topic. I got to know this course through Facebook. I thought: this will be perfect for me as the B. Startup School Amsterdam is mainly focusing on working with startups. Startups are mostly small companies where I will get the freedom to think creatively and carry out my ideas.


How do you feel about your course so far?
I started this course as a marketer – now I think like a growth hacker. Which means I think about the marketing funnel of a company and dive into data. Based on the data I try to come up with new experiments and sales promotions. Data driven is the keyword: that’s the most important thing for a growth hacker. The most fun class I had within the course was about Facebook advertisement. I never knew about the countless possibilities it offers.


Where do you do your traineeship?
I am doing my traineeship at Hugo. It offers software for database management, surveys and email campaigns for organizations of large festivals and concerts. I am mainly working on creating a ‘drip-campaign’ for our customers, or people showing interest in the product. This is a communication strategy that sends pre-written messages to purchasers, or the ones to hopefully be. Besides I am working on Hugo’s Google Analytics and Facebook campaigns. It is a small company so I get a lot of responsibility. The most fun thing about working at Hugo is that I have so much freedom. As long as I can substantiate why something might work, and communicate with the team about it, they will let me give it a shot! Which is the exact freedom I was looking for.


How do you see your future?
I would like to get even better in Google Analytics and Facebook Adwords… And it’s is my ultimate dream to help a startup grow into a big company!


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