Student Experience Annabelle // Digital Innovation by Hyper Island

‘I really like both things: working on strategy at the business end, and being part of the creative process. It is my goal to combine those two elements.’


What made you join the Digital Innovation course?
I got my bachelor in Styling at Academy Artemis. I learned about setting up executing a creative process from A to Z, but I missed the bit of being able to think strategically about it. What are the brand values of a company? And how are they translated into a product and everything connected to it? So I started an internship at Unilever, where I was in the brand-development team of Cornetto ice-cream. I found out that I really like both things: working on strategy at the business end, and being part of the creative process. It’s my goal to combine those two elements. Then I heard some friends talking about Hyper Island with huge enthusiasm. The hands-on, unconventional way of teaching and a huge network in the creative industry was what made me wanted to join the course.


What do you learn during the course?
The first part of the course consisted of group bonding exercises. Next, we had the Design Thinking-module, where you learn about double-diamond-thinking, thinking in persona’s, ideation… Basically, tools you can use as a designer to solve complex problems and find fitting solutions for clients. At the end of this module, we did a pitch for design agency VBAT: which was exciting! For them, we created a concept for a workshop about what design can do to raise awareness for plastic pollution.


The last module, where I’m in now, is called ‘Exploring Tech’ which is an introduction to technology. We got this booklet with all kinds of different tasks which allowed you to create interactive electronic objects. For example: writing a piece of code that makes an LED-lamp light up, or putting a thermometer in the motherboard of your computer, which tracks the body temperature on your computer. It sounds silly but it makes you realise how complicated technology actually is. I don’t take my iPhone for granted anymore haha!


What’s behind this Exploring Tech module?
Technology, like coding, is becoming even more important – in advertising, creative agencies, in every sector really. Even though you are not going to specifically use this knowledge, the chance you’re going to work in a team with a developer is big. So learning the basic concepts of tech is a must to be able to work together. We basically had two weeks to play around with tech-assignments, and at the end of it, we’re organising an event showing what we have made and learned. We are in charge of arranging drinks, invitations, decorations, music, PR with a budget from Hyper Island. It is going to be so cool… I’m looking forward to it!


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