Student Experience Anja // Growth Hacking by The Talent Institute


‘The company sees me as the expert in growth hacking, which sounds funny because I just started doing this..’


How did you end up at the Growth Hacking course?
First I studied Psychology in Nijmegen and after that Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies, I found out that I really like working with statistics and that I love to research and analyse stuff. So when finished I was looking for a job as a Data Analyst. But all these companies where I applied asked for experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), programs like Google Analytics and AdWords – which I had not. On a ‘Career Day’ at the UVA, a girl who did the Growth Hacking course at BSSA was pitching… And look where I am now!


How are you experiencing the Growth Hacking course?
I was really surprised how much I’ve learned in the first month of classes. I’m doing my traineeship at The Office Service. This is a company that offers services from laundry and carwash to hairdressers, at the office, so employees have more time focusing on things that really matter to them. When I started my traineeship here I thought: maybe they know all the stuff I learned already, but they didn’t. The company sees me as the expert in growth hacking, which sounds funny because I just started doing this… But they let me share my knowledge and give me a lot of responsibility, which is pretty amazing.

I’m introducing my company to Google Analytics, AdWords and programs like Mixpanel. Also, I am working on their SEO. Right now, I’m working on an Email Campaign. I suggested that we should work with automated emails. Which is not only time saving but you can activate more customers with tailored emails, based on their interests.


What has been your biggest learning throughout the course?
The first week of the course where we had to share a lot of personal things…
I learned that sharing personal things within a company is important! In Germany – where I originally come from – work and personal life is really separated from each other, but I think work is a lot more fun if these things are a little mixed. Especially one class of Ewoud Uphof about AB-testing I found very informative. He spoke, among other things, about the ‘Goal Tree’ model. With this model, you gain insights in which of your experiments has the most potential of growing. During the class you could right away apply this to your traineeship company, which made it super hands-on!


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