Student Experience Aimee // Digital Content Creation by The Talent Institute

‘That’s one of the perks of Digital Content Creation: you can do it everywhere in the world’

How did you get in touch with BSSA?

I got in touch with BSSA through a friend. Since I was working part-time in a café and he knew I was looking for a job, he told me about the Experience Design courses of Hyper Island as something I would be interested in. I got my bachelor in International Hotel Management, but that was not something I wanted to pursue a career in. So I did some research and came to know about B. Startup School Amsterdam and that there are actually more courses to choose from. I signed up for the Info Night with the idea attending Experience Design but chose to do the Content Creation course instead.

How did you experience the first month?
I just started my traineeship. The first month of classes was different than I thought it would be. There was a lot of focus on community and mindset. I had to accept that you can’t learn all digital skills in one month. The course gives you the basic skills: how you develop yourself is up to you. Do you want to become better in Photoshop? Do tutorials. Want to get better at video editing? Practise yourself! The teachers are always there to help you but you have to own the course yourself. It’s a great steppingstone to explore and practice certain fields of the digital marketing industry.

What was the most interesting thing you learned since starting the course?
That my classmate Lydia can sing? Haha. Well, that says something about the group dynamics in my class I guess. It is weird you get to know people in such short amount of time. That was interesting and super fun!

What company are you doing your traineeship at and what is your role?
I’m doing my traineeship at The Talent Institute, the same institute within BSSA that I am doing my course at. I’m in my half year traineeship for only one and a half week and almost finished creating TTI’s new content strategy. They gave me ‘cart blanche’ developing this, which was really exciting. After this, I will create content for the different outlets of TTI. Hopefully, we are going to make a loooot of video’s, because I really want to get better in making those.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Somewhere sunny! That’s one of the perks of Digital Content Creation: you can do it everywhere in the world.