Student Experience Michele // Web Application Development

Who can better tell you what to expect during the program then the students. Every week we will share their experiences. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now?

This week we listen up to Michelle (Web Application Development)

How did you get in touch with the BSSA/Le wagon?

“After my degree in Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, I bumped into a crossroad; either I had to find a new Master study or start working. To be able to work in a NGO (Non-Goverment Organization), you need to have a lot of work experiences. Luckily, at that time, my boss offered me a job; I became his assistant. But after a while I got bored, because there wasn’t any space for personal input and the job itself wasn’t challenging at all. A friend of mine told me about the BSSA and at that moment I had no idea what coding or developing was.”

“After seeing the trailer, it felt the message was personally addressed to me. The world made so many promises, we could be anything. My time is now, the BSSA gives me the tools and skills to challenge myself.”

“Since I have never been really challenged in my life, I decided to take this change. I deepdived out of my comfort zone: it gave me a new life, new tools, new friends.”


“It has been a rollercoaster, the weeks fly by, we live fast but we learn even harder. For example, one of our teachers from Libanon, he has learned Computer Sciences in an half year, however at the BSSA we learned these skills in one day! We are super dedicated since the course is really intense.”

“Hard working pays off and we work with a buddy system. Everyday you have a different buddy. You are not only challenged on a professional level but you develop yourself in a personal way. We became really close, we became friends with each other even with our amazing teachers!”

  • Words by B. Startup School Amsterdam Student Michèle