Student Experience Jorik // Experience Design

Who can better tell you what to expect during the BSSA program then our students? Every week we share their experiences. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now?

This week we listen to Jorik ( Experience Design by Hyper Island)


“The Hyper Island course of BSSA taught me a new way of thinking. It has changed my life and as a design thinker I became a change agent myself.”

How did you get in touch with the BSSA/Experience Design course?

“A year ago I graduated in Advertising, Marketing & Communication (AMC). During my studies I’ve done several internships and I realized that there is a big disconnect between my education and the industry. After graduating, I was searching for a Master’s program, however I couldn’t find anything that that really sparked my interest. So I decided to look for cool companies to gain work experience. But still I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted to go and I didn’t really feel industry ready. Then I came across the BSSA on Facebook and decided to attend the Open House. I was immediately convinced. I felt energized and like I finally found what I was looking for. The Hyper Island way is learning by doing. Industry leaders teach us what we need to know if they were to hire us. By working on real client briefs, we learn what to expect in the industry.”


“If I look back, I see that Hyper Island became an addition to my life. Not only the course, but the whole team of students and teachers. We became close friends and I have learned a lot of new tools and methods in a short time. And I really like the fact that I can use these tools to help the people around me as well. For example; my girlfriend organized a brainstorm session with her colleagues. But she didn’t really know how open they would be to new ideas. So I shared some easy to use methods with her she could use to put everyone in the right mindset before the brainstorm started. It worked wonders. They were very enthusiastic and came up with some great ideas.”

“I became a new person. Hyper Island showed me a new way of thinking and taught me to be a change agent.”

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  • Words by B. Startup School Amsterdam Student Jorik