NYCDA: the journey from law graduate to coder

I would like to give you an insight in my experiences as a BSSA-student following the Full-Stack Web Development course by NYCDA. Who am I? My name is Gijs and I’m a 22-year old law graduate from Amsterdam. With a background in law I suppose it’s safe to say that these last weeks were the start of something completely new and completely different to me, even though I have been interested in startups and web developments for quite some time now. With BSSA comes a great opportunity to get to know these worlds better.

Eventually I hope to be able to build a bridge between these worlds and the world of law. I hope that you will follow me on this journey.

But for now, fulltime coding it is. And by fulltime I really mean fulltime. It would be no exaggeration to say that the last weeks consisted solely of eating, sporting, sleeping and coding. By the end of week two we were all already considering ourselves as true programmers. 

In the first week we took a dive into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and thereby set our first steps into the world of web development. At first working with JavaScript felt a bit like you’re trying to befriend that one new, a bit mysterious and intelligent person in class. A person with some rather strange habits and a person who is also very strict on what he likes and what he doesn’t like. And even though you’re trying so hard, JavaScript just doesn’t seem to want to work with you. Luckily Mentor (our mentor who is actually called Mentor!) and Saan (our TA) were always there to keep us motivated and help us out whenever we felt like we hit a wall. And in the end, when you finally had an epiphany and managed to completely see through and debug a script, a great feeling came over you.

By week two we were already making our first websites. Mentor often reminded us of the progress we made by saying: ‘Remember when you first came in ten days ago and knew almost nothing about web development. Look at yourselves now!’. I have to admit that concepts like jQuery and Github no longer sound like words from a foreign language to me and it feels great!

Now that we have the first two weeks behind us and we’ve had a first glance at all the possibilities, I can’t wait for the coming weeks and I’m excited for what they are going to bring us.

Blog by Gijs van Til: Law graduate and coding student at NYCDA