meet your fellow student #2

A new school means a lot of new faces. We understand that you are curious to know a bit more about your future fellow students. Every week we introduce one of them. This week we introduce Kilian, a BSSA Open House* attendee. Hi Kilian!

What’s your name? Kilian

And your age? 24

Why do you want to join the BSSA? I want to become a coding star! The combination of learning by working is awesome. My study was far from technical. Many of my developer friends tell me, you won’t learn these skills at school. I have tried to learn coding by myself, but when I heared about the BSSA I applied directly. I have to seize the opportunity!

What about your future plans? With these skills I will have the perfect set to start my own company!

*Every Thursday, BSSA hosts an Open House from 17h00 until 18h00. In this hour we provide all the information about the BSSA and you can meet your fellow teachers and students. Want to join? Mail: linda (AT)