Meet Your Alumni #5 – Anna Isabel // Le Wagon

Who can better tell you what to expect during the program and afterwards than the people who walked the exact same path? Alumni! Every now and then we will ask one of them to tell you more about their experience and future.  

Hey, nice to meet you! Who are you? Hi, I am Anna Isabel, 25 years old and by origin half-Filipino, half-German. I have a background in International Law.

What did your learn from the course of Le Wagon? At LeWagon I learned to code web apps in Ruby on Rails, as well as the necessary tools to build my first MVP, including basics in JavaScript, jQuery, databases, like SQL and PostgreSQL, deployment on heroku, etc.

What is remarkable about Le Wagon? Le Wagon teaching let’s you quickly grasp the whole picture in programming. Step-by-step you are able to grasp more and more of how an application is built and which components are necessary for what. Le Wagon allows complete beginners, like me, to become developers by teaching only what is necessary to be productive as well as teaching how to proceed when there is something you don’t know yet. It is like a super-power that makes you autonomous.

What are you doing now? // What are your ambitions? Currently I am freelancing as a web app developer, mainly working for tech startups. Soon I might be starting as part of a developer team to be able to further expand my skills. One day, I would like to bring what I have learned through coding into my former professional field.

Why should people join the BSSA? BSSA empowers. With technical skills from Le Wagon in combination with other professional tools, it can form fully autonomous entrepreneurs.

Best advice you can give future students? Think about why you want to learn to code! Le Wagon is especially useful for future or current tech entrepreneurs or people in the tech entrepreneur field. You will be able to work as a developer afterwards, but you need to invest a lot of time.