job insights #3 – Ewoud Uphof

Who are you?
Ewoud Uphof, 27 years and I do a lot of things. I believe that making data-driven decisions grows a business faster. That’s done by turning data into insights. I help companies achieve this by helping them as a freelance conversion specialist and growth hacker. One of the clients is the Sanoma Innovation Lab. I also educate about growth hacking and conversion optimization.Currently I’m creating courses for The Talent Institute which is one of the partners of the B. Startup School Amsterdam. I’m also creating my own online course for start-ups and freelancers called ConversionGym, workouts for your website.

Who is your boss?
When I am optimizing a website the visitors / clients of the website are my boss. They decide what my next move is.

How do you spend your days?
I work for various clients, so every day is different which is very exciting. But I spend most of my days working on the process and principles of optimizing. This is quite similar to “The Lean Startup methodology” (Build – Measure – Learn). So most of my days are divided into three parts.

Build: Growth hacking is team sport. Together with the UX Designer and Coder we design and build new experiments.
Measure: Setting up the Analytics, so you know that an experiment is measured correctly. After the experiment I’m analysing the experiment.
And last but not least, Learn: getting insights from experiments and learn. Then we have input for a new experiment.

Why should people join the BSSA?
Because companies change very rapidly and so do the skills you need to work for these companies. You can’t learn these skills in University. When joining the BSSA you will learn the Growth Hacking framework and skills. These skills will be super beneficial for your future. After this course you will have a great competitive advantage compared to your peers by knowing how to Growth Hack.

What is remarkable about your working life?
I have an impact on the actual bottom-line revenue of companies. Improving the conversion-rate can make a huge impact for their business. That’s kind of cool.