job insights #2 – Tamara Wouda

Who are you?
Tamara Wouda, 25 and recently started as Traffic Manager at Dutch Network Group.
Who’s your boss?
I’ve got two! The first is Willem, in his early forties, with a huge passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Plus Stefan, he is an 29-year(s) old serial entrepreneur. They both ride a Tesla!

How do you spend your days?
It’s chaos and I love it! I start at 9 o’clock, connect my computer to an extra screen and open the whole planning for our commercial outlet. Then I open my e-mail and the party starts.
It’s my job and my biggest challenge to structure the operational processes in the companies chaos. Besides this responsibility I picked up extra tasks as PR and marketing.
Why should people join the BSSA?
Education doesn’t prepare you for the labour market. They expect you to come up with ideas and solutions on your own. My job is for example to not work on my own square meter, but to think about the whole floor and bringing the whole team together. You need to have a helicopter view and function like a spider in the web.
I didn’t learn this skill by studying, but by working as a Marketing Manager at the international startup 99designs. I was responsible for literally everything in the Dutch market; customer service, PR, marketing, sponsorships, partnerships, SEO and SEM. This way you learn to be as efficient as you can. And it’s very handy, for example: you will do a keywords research and you can write 3 articles out of that.
What is remarkable about your working life?
We’ve got our own pub and SMB experience centre at our office! But most of all: I never work.