job insights #1

Who are you?
Joost Elfering CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Yippie!

Who is your boss?
Maurice from Yippie! I would rather call him my Partner in Crime to keep pushing Yippie! further. In fact! We’re currently looking for Growth Hacking and Content Marketing Talent. 

How do you spend your days?
I am the go-to-guy for every technical product, everything that is left over, every question from business and any technical problems. (And that basically makes me as the Chief Technical Bitch)

My secret: become a specialist, by acting as a generalist. Because by the beginning of your startup there are too few people to take care of everything.

Why should people join the BSSA?
To work at a startup asks for a different set of mind and way of working. It is more flexible, more dynamic, and within the startup you are the only one to solve the problem. It gives you big responsibility, but also big opportunities.

Best skill you can learn? How to fail fast and how to do it right quickly.

What is remarkable about your working life?
7 startups, 9 years, 10 countries.