Ilana and Laura // The New York Code and Design Academy

After three weeks of intensive boot camp, Full-Stack Development students Laura and Ilana interviewed each other about their experiences. Read here what it’s like to devote all your time to learning something completely new.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned since you started the course?

Laura: I think pretty much every new thing learned has been interesting because with it we can make something even more awesome than before. Making the websites was fun because we could play around with HTML and CSS, but now with node.js we are actually making apps, so that is really cool as well.

Ilana: What she said, but also that I learned that I am able to focus for longer than an hour without going on social media. I never knew that was possible.

What is the most difficult thing you have learned?

Laura: The most difficult things I have learned so far are definitely callbacks. I kind of understand how they work, but being able to properly use them myself is still a challenge.

Ilana: Callbacks are definitely a struggle. Luckily someone posted an awesome explanation.

It is now Wednesday afternoon after almost 4 weeks of coding. How do you feel right now?

Laura: I feel pretty tired, but also very happy because I just finished my user-information app and its working!!!! Also, Ilana just brought me a fresh cup of tea, and more tea == more happiness! Tea > coffee. But anyway, even though I am spending the whole day coding, I am still not tired of it and amazed at how much we are learning in this short period of time.

Ilana: I feel relieved that I finally finished the first and second part of my user-information app, but also guilty that I have been chatting way too long with Laura. I also feel confident that I am able to finish the last part, I am starting to grasp the fundamentals of coding.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Ilana and Laura: Together we made a business website for a future guesthouse, with lots of fun elements, such as a working calendar, an overlay, a booking and a contact form (without the back end, because we had not learned that yet), a carousel and an animated score circle/bar. However, after each week we accomplish something new and more awesome.

What is this week’s topic and what are the challenges?

Laura and Ilana: This week’s topic is cURL, which is a tool to transfer data from or to a server. This means that we are going to let backend and frontend talk with each other by creating a dynamic website. This is also the challenge.

Have you already come up with some interesting companies where would like to do your traineeship at?

Ilana: Yes I have found some interesting companies, but I am still searching for some companies more suited to my interests. What I do know is that I would like to work for a company that is either involved in sustainability or a non-commercial company like the government. However, TravelBird also seems a great company to work at.

Laura: I have also found a few interesting companies, but don’t want to stop searching yet. I think it would be really nice to work at a company that is about e-learning, partly because of my background in education. Additionally, I would like to work at a game development company or at a company related to China.

Words by: Laura Kramer & Ilana Enderman