Hyper Island – Young Creators Pitch #BSSACrew2

Yesterday #BSSACrew2 pitched their final results of 3 weeks of qualitative, in-depth research about the deeper motivations of the users of the Young Creators Group.

The client represents a community of young people from all kinds of fields within the creative industry. The community is a very broad marketplace where people can share, advice, feedback, ask everything on new projects, new techniques, companies, concepts, products or services. The community is located in a Facebook group that has already more than 11.000 members and a website with more than 7500 members.

Our goal was to gain insights about the Young Creators community in order to determine what kind of interests, activities and innovations can have an impact in the lives of young ambitious creators.

This goal is divided in four themes that needed to be answered:

  • What do the average/most engaged members look like and what are their expectations of the community?
  • What is the image the members have of the Young Creators community?
  • What things block individuals to follow their dreams?
  • What value are members willing to give back?

The insights from all the groups were very diverse. A few examples are: mentorship roles, more information on learning processes, a clearer structure within the website and Facebook group, growing means to go international, more small and informal events and more online/offline events in order to increase soft and hard skills.

We had a very intense and hard three weeks, but it was really awesome to work with a client that is so close to our hearts (‘We are young creators too’ – Britt Lubbers). We, as a group, transformed stiff research methods to insightful and playful opportunities for our client. It was sometimes very complex material, but finally everyone has completed their task and ended their journey with a very, very satisfied client.

Words by BSSA student Pim Minderman