Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“Data are becoming the new raw material of business.”

Craig Mundie, Microsoft


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Data Analytics & Machine Learning

This fast-track program is specifically designed to help ambitious people with a clear affinity with numbers and business challenges to take the leap into the world of data analytics. For this program, we are partnering with Ubiqum – an award-winning coding academy with campuses in Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Their learning methodology focuses on project-based learning. Their program will provide you with a real-world professional setting to learn the most essential data analytics skills. After you’ve finished the program you will be able to interpret data and design reliable business solutions.

After thirteen weeks, you are ready to start a full-time paid position of a minimum six months to put these skills into practice and continue learning while working.

Skills you will learn

  • Frame and organize business questions in ways that can be answered through Big Data Analyses and meet the information needs of a project
  • Acquire, process and analyze data sets using data mining methods to discover patterns or do data exploration.
  • Run, apply and test machine learning tools for different kinds of data
  • Interpret the result of your analysis in order to provide actionable insights.
  • Learn relevant software skills on R and Rapidmine
  • Communicate results to management and other non-technical audiences
  • Learn different methods of data visualization using packages like ggplot


  • Ambitious and fast learning with a WO mindset
  • A degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics or  a business degree  with any quantitative master
  • Prior knowledge of data and/or working with business challenges
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written)
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated, eager and positive
  • Creative, flexible and open minded
  • Independent, entrepreneurial and able to work on multiple tasks at the same time
  • Fulltime available for a period of at least 10 months
  • A valid working permit for the Netherlands

What does the program cost?

Most or your training costs will be covered by your future employer. To participate in the Data Analytics program presented by the BSSA we charge every student tuition fee of €950,- (excl. VAT).

The BSSA is a partnership between B. Building Business and Experis, in which Experis is pre-financing your course. During the program you will be provided with knowledge and tools to make you feel more secure during application processes and to enlarge your professional network. Once you have been hired you determine how you will pay the remaining costs of your education.

There are several ways in which this could take place:

Option 1: Training costs will be covered by Experis (or partner labels) after being accepted for a position at one of these organizations.

Option 2: When you get hired by a company outside of the network of Experis, the education costs should be covered by this company.

At BSSA we aim to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the industry. We are aiming to fulfill this mission by making programs that teach young talented and motivated people technical skills demanded by the industry accessible for a wider public. Therefore, we ask the industry for an investment in our talent. Regarding this investment, we always take the company size and growth stage into consideration.

Our program consists of a full-time intensive course of three months followed by a full-time position of six months to put the skills you have learned into practice and continue learning while working. We value this construction a lot since we think that this contributes the most to your growth. If you decide not to participate in the whole 9-month program, the cost of the course will be at your expense.

When does the next program start?

The next program will start October 28th. Excited to start? You can apply for the program by filling in this form.

Become a professional Data Analyst

Prepare yourself for a career in Data Science with our intensive, fulltime training.

Learn from realistic projects

Get educated by professionals and learn to work with realistic projects that prepare you for your professional Data future.

Get paid

Start your paid full-time position and put your knowledge into practice.

Get matched to great companies

Start your Tech career at one of the many startups, scaleups and corporates in our network.

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Become part of the B. Amsterdam community- the largest startup & innovation ecosystem in Europe.


Within only 10 months we will help you to become a Data Analyst, with all the skills and experience you need to launch your career. Within these months you will receive 13 weeks of intensive training and you will spend 6 months working at a company during a traineeship.

Weeks 1-3
Data Analytics: Understanding Customers

During these first weeks you will you start your learning curve working on a realistic project. Your mission is to use data mining and machine-learning techniques to investigate patterns in company data. You will use these data to generate insight into trends and preferences. All to make a data-driven decision about new solutions by using powerful Data Mining tools.

Weeks 4-7
Predicting Profitability and Customer Preferences

Continuing in your role as a data analyst your next challenge consists of extending applications of data mining methods to develop predictive models.
You will make use of R statistical programming language augmented with machine learning packages to predict which potential new products would be the most profitable. You will then present your findings during a class staged as being the management team where you will make suggestions for data mining process improvements.

Weeks 8-13
We will be focusing on applying data analytics techniques in order to interpret masses of data.

During these weeks your mission consists of solving two different problems during your next challenge. You will come up with these solutions by using R, dplyrm, ggplot, time series regression techniques and statistical classifiers to create visualizations and generate descriptive statistics and predictive models. You will then present your results and approaches and develop a convincing argument to implementing your advice and make future improvements.

6 months traineeship

During the course we will help you to stand out on the job market and introduce you to many of the professional partners that are part of our network. Once you have found your match the final stage of your training starts by getting to work and applying your new skills in a professional environment during a 6 month paid traineeship.

Our application process

  • Complete the application form and attach your resume

  • If you fit the criteria we will invite you for a video-call

  • In order to test your Tech talent and grit we will send you an assessment. Up for our first challenge?

  • Impressive assessment? A face to face appointment will be scheduled to discuss your career opportunities

  • YES, It‘s a match! We would like to welcome you to our program

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after six months of working?

After the first six months of your full-time position you will decide yourself what the next step in your career will be.

Where is the BSSA located?

The BSSA is located at B. Amsterdam, the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.

Your classrooms are located at B.2:

John M. Keynesplein 12-46 in Amsterdam

Can I apply if I’m not a Dutch citizen?

Yes you can! We welcome international students. However, make sure you have the right permits to work during your 6 month traineeship.

Is the program fulltime or parttime?

Both the 3 month training and the 6 month traineeship are fulltime. Also take into account that learning a new skill is as rewarding as it is intensive, so make sure you have enough time for the occasional extra studying and recharging.

In what language will the course be given?

Be prepared!  You will enter a international coding environment therefore all classes will be taught in English. All materials being provided during the course will also be in English.

Am I able to apply for other courses at another date?

We will provide multiple other courses in the near future. Stay tuned and visit our website regularly for updates.

Can I go on vacation during the course?

Learning a completely new skill in only 3 months requires full-time work and complete dedication from our students. Missing classes due to vacation is therefore not possible.

Can you help me to get a visum or work permit?

We welcome international students, but we do not offer support to help you obtain a visum, residence or work permit. All applicants are responsible themselves for obtaining the required permits to live and work in the Netherlands.

More questions?

Yes. I want to learn the most essential Tech skills and launch my Tech career at the B. Startup School Amsterdam.