BSSA’s first Makers Showcase: Experience Design @ HYPER ISLAND

Curious what you actually have to show for after a BSSA course? Tonight’s the very first BSSA Makers Showcase! The first batch of students from the Experience Design course of Hyper Island will present their final projects tonight. They will proudly present their gamechanger ideas.

Learn more about the 6 inspiring projects of the students here.

B. Hyper Showcase
Where: B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a in Amsterdam
Date: Wednesday 30th of March, 18h00

How can we use tech to help the refugee crisis? Stories and Spices wants to give refugees a chance to share their culture with locals by teaching them a recipe from their country of origin and, in exchange, the host(s) provide them with a kitchen and the necessary ingredients. As a local you get to experience a new cuisine and exchange stories with newcomers.

Edukit is a digital platform that helps teachers and student to create more practice material in an easy and quick way. Students who understand the lesson are motivated to share their knowledge by creating quizzes. So the students who struggle have extra material to practice.

What happens after your educational experience? The past 20 years have brought about great expertise in the diverse pool of graduates and programs of Hyper Island. The Hyper Heat app helps the Hyper Island community connect to facilitate self-learning and unfold its potential. Hyper Heat keeps the fire alive.

The Firecrackers created an awesome new online experience for B.Amsterdam in the past month. An experience that goes beyond just a renting process, and that resembles the true unique part of B.

Remote workers enjoy a great sense of freedom and flexibility: they can work whenever they want, wherever they want because of this, their personal and professional life becomes harder to separate. As a result, not only work, but also breaks take place behind a screen. To get remote workers away from their screens, we offer a purposeful alternative called the Remood: a personalized audio break connected to your direct surroundings

We are to bee or not to bee and we want to save the bees. Bees die at a rapid rate but a simple solution is to buy organic food. By providing delicious organic meals in natural environments we want to attract people to learn a bit more about bee mortality and what they can do. More organic agriculture is good for the bee and if we all buy a little bit more organic, we can change the world and save the bees.

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