Student Experience Bram // Growth Hacking by The Talent Institute

Who can better tell you what to expect during the program then the students! Every now and then we will share their experience. Where do they professionally come from and where are they now.

This week we listen up to Bram (Growth Hacking @ The Talent Institute)

“After graduation (Sport Marketing – Bachelor of Applied Science) I couldn’t find a job that fitted my educational background. So I started working at a clothing store for a short period, just to get some income. But as it wasn’t challenging me (my brains) I decided to do something else. Before joining the B. Startup School Amsterdam I did a non-paid intern at a just launched startup called Brixer. My motivation overruled having a steady income. I believed I had to start somewhere to grow my network.

During this internship I faced a few disappointments: my 4 years of study didn’t fit the skills the startup/market needed. I didn’t had the knowledge to help the startup grow. I wasn’t able to add value to the company, as I wanted to. This caused a lot of de-motivation and made me realize I needed to gain the essential skills before entering the startup world.

I had learned everything about offline marketing in college, but these theories are already outdated. All startups are working with online marketing strategies!
In my search to learn online marketing skills I found the BSSA. After one Open House I immediately got enthusiastic. It felt like everything I was looking for -to write my own future- came together at the Growth Hacking course of BSSA. Awesome!  And as I didn’t had the money to pay for a course myself, or the time (already 4 years of college). So this opportunity was perfect.
I experienced I really needed this growth hacking skills because I did the internship. The mindset in the startup world doesn’t fit the existing study fields. The startup world goes super fast where the colleges go super slow.
After Six Weeks

Yesterday I ran into the founder from the startup where I did my internship. It was such a shifted experience. It was the first time we had a real substantively conversation as we shared knowledge I gained form the Growth Hacking-course. Not only that: I could share valuable marketing tips! We talked on the same level and it felt like I could finally add value.
It gave me the feeling that I could come back and really make a difference at the startup. A totally different approach. Meeting him was the best example of how BSSA already changed me professionally.”
– Words by B. Startup School Amsterdam student Bram