Artikelen door Rahel

job insights #3 – Ewoud Uphof

Who are you? Ewoud Uphof, 27 years and I do a lot of things. I believe that making data-driven decisions grows a business faster. That’s done by turning data into insights. I help companies achieve this by helping them as a freelance conversion specialist and growth hacker. 

meet your fellow student #1

A new school means a lot of new faces. We understand that you are curious to know a bit more about your future fellow students. Every week we introduce one of them. This week we introduce Paul, a BSSA Open House* attendee. Hi Paul! 

job insights #2 – Tamara Wouda

Who are you? Tamara Wouda, 25 and recently started as Traffic Manager at Dutch Network Group. Who’s your boss? I’ve got two! The first is Willem, in his early forties, with a huge passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Plus Stefan, he is an 29-year(s) old serial entrepreneur. They both ride a Tesla!

job insights #1

Who are you? Joost Elfering CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Yippie! Who is your boss? Maurice from Yippie! I would rather call him my Partner in Crime to keep pushing Yippie! further. In fact! We’re currently looking for Growth Hacking and Content Marketing Talent. 

5 reasons to join BSSA

You ask us: ‘For what reason should I join your school?’ We’ll give you five reasons. Starting with a surprising one: most of us are currently illiterate..