Antony Cuvalay: “I wanted to expand my skillset”

How does someone with a background in Organizational Psychology and Business Administration become a Full Stack Developer? This is the story of Antony Cuvalay, alumnus of B. Startup School Amsterdam.

While Antony Cuvalay (26) now is a successful developer at Deloitte, this wasn’t an obvious choice for him. While pursuing a bachelor in Organizational Psychology, he became interested in the world of marketing. This interest brought him to Berlin for an internship in business development and marketing.

It was at that time when Antony first realized he wanted to learn how to code. “I had to come up with new concepts for applications,” he says. “Although I really enjoyed this process, I could only work on the applications from a conceptual and marketing point of view. I had to sit and watch as developers would build on my ideas.” It frustrated him to see that during the process of creation, he lost control over the overall development of the applications.

“Everyone wanted to have a say and make changes to my initial idea, which I didn’t always agree with.” He wanted the applications to be a better reflection of his own vision. In order to make this happen, he decided he wanted to become that guy who can do it all. “I wanted to be hybrid: coming up with an idea, creating it and using marketing skills to sell the product.”
Back in Amsterdam, Antony finished a master studies in Business Administration. He still desired to learn a technical skill, which he could combine with his educational background. This desire led him to B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA), where he joined the Full-Stack Web Development Program. Over the course of three intense months, he took his first steps into the world of coding.
“I had a great teacher,” the developer recalls. “Next to teaching us tech-skills, he provided us with many important life lessons. For instance, how to arrange your day most efficiently.”

After being in the classroom for three months, Antony started working as a junior developer at Deloitte, a multinational professional services network. At the beginning, he thought he was quite proficient. “It was then when I realized I only knew the basics. Deloitte works with big clients, who need complex solutions. Being able to create a website was not enough to be a developer.”
After having worked at Deloitte for two years, Antony is slowly starting to feel like he truly masters some developing skills. And what about his dream to create applications all by himself? “The dream still exists, but I have set a more realistic time-frame to realize it. I’m still learning, but someday I will start a business for myself.”

Any advice for future BSSA students? “To make the most out of it, make sure to keep a clear goal in mind. BSSA can help you gain an important and extraordinary skill, but you should know before-hand how you would like to use it. For me, I was looking for a way to combine my background in business administration with tech-skills, which eventually made it a success.”

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