China expert boosts skill set with full-stack programming course at B. Startup School Amsterdam

By joining the Full-stack Web Development program at B. Startup School Amsterdam, a group of motivated young professionals start their career in tech.

‘What’s your biggest win in life?’, ‘If you could live as a famous person for one day, who would it be?’, ‘Do you always wear the same socks?’ A group of eight students is walking around the classroom in B. Amsterdam. Every time they bump into someone, they pause and ask a question. The goal of this exercise? Getting to know each other. This is the first day of the Full-stack Web Development program at B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA).

In three months, a group of international students without any coding experience will be transformed into full stack web developers. They will learn everything they need to know to about front- and back-end web development to generate their own web applications.

Making coding less scary

The class is taught by instructor Malcolm Kente (25), although he doesn’t like to be considered a teacher. ‘I’d rather be someone you guys feel comfortable talking to, I will be your guide,’ he tells the group. Kente is new to the Netherlands, as he studied and worked in Sweden for several years. The main goal he hopes to achieve with the eight BSSA students? ‘To make coding less scary and make the students more confident.’ According to Kente, anyone can learn how to code. He uses a problem-approached learning method, in which he motivates the students to continuously ask questions. ‘I like the interaction with people and the creativity that comes from coding. The skills are the foundation, but it is the interaction that creates something new.’

Skills, connections and work experience

Apart from this course, BSSA offers a variety of programs, all designed to learn technical related skills. Other examples include data analytics, user experience design and growth hacking. Within 9 months, consisting of a three-month course and a six-month paid traineeship, students gain essential skills, connections, and work experience. Over 500 alumni have successfully completed one of the programs, of which 93% has found a job. There is a tuition fee of €750,- (excl. VAT) for BSSA.

Learning a hard-skill

The group of students has diverse motives to join the Full-stack Web Development program. With a background in Chinese Studies and several years of working experience, Marijn de Wolff (30) is excited to learn a new hard skill. ‘The future is digital and it is super interesting and useful to understand how the applications we use daily actually work,’ he says. ‘IT skills are in demand on the job market and I hope to contribute to filling this gap and combine my passion for languages with programming.’

Tommie Heusen (29) has an entirely different story. ‘I have been a professional basketball-player for almost my entire life,’ he says. ‘But you know, there is a maximum age for sports players. It is time for the new generation, I need to take a next step in my life.’ Tommie brings his sports mentality into the classroom: ‘I still want to be the best of the group.’

‘I want to do that too!’

Her husband is the one that inspired Payal Pureha (30) to join the BSSA program and move from India to the Netherlands. ‘My husband has been working in Amsterdam as a programmer for several years,’ she says. At first, the couple thought it would be a temporary stay. ‘I’ve seen my husband make these amazing real life applications, and I thought to myself: I want to do that too!’

Payal has an engineering education and wants to gain hands-on experience. She believes BSSA is the perfect fit. ‘The program focuses on practical skills rather than gaining knowledge, which is exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully this is the beginning of my programming career and new life in the Netherlands.’

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