Our story

In 2016 the B. Startup School Amsterdam – BSSA – opened its doors for 300 students as an answer to the growing demand for talent in the startup ecosystem. We noticed that there is a gap between the current education system and the industry. There are a ton of motivated and talented starters who just finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, the industry still considers them to be too inexperienced. With our program, we aim to bridge this gap by providing graduates with the necessary skills the industry is asking for.

Our program consists of an intensive three-month full-time course, where after you will have the chance to implement your skills during a full-time paid position of a minimum of six months. During the course, our students work closely together with current professionals from the industry to gain essential skills such as programming, UI/UX designing, growth hacking, digital innovation or digital content creation.

We work together with some of the best education institutes worldwide from The United States, France, Sweden & The Netherlands to provide our students with the highest level of expertise.

Our partners

B. Building Business

B. is a multidimensional company that provides creative working, event & meeting spaces for innovation, education, and growth of companies. B. helps business to flourish by creating the right social environment for them to be in to connect with-, learn from- and grow with like minded entrepreneurs. B. can be seen as a mediator to help corporates innovate and startups scale up.


According  to Experis, the real value in business is human potential and talent. Experis has been created to reach the best people and develop solutions to tap their full potential. They want to share their knowledge with people and support their human resources management concepts.


DevMountain is an industry-leading coding school that began in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Founded by fellow coders, DevMountain’s expert faculty are passionate about sharing their craft and empowering the next wave of programmers, entrepreneurs and designers. Their high impact, hands-on, project-based curriculum allows alumni to build foundations to launch their careers, build their startups and achieve their goals. DevMountain infuses a passion for development and design into our community.


Unlike other code academies, schools, and universities, the programs of Ubiqum are built upon advanced learning research that emphasize the proven method of “Learn by doing.”

Ubiqum calles themself a pioneer in the new generation of academies. Their scientifically-proven methodology will give students a solid understanding that they can directly transfer to the work place. Their main goal is making sure students get rewarded with a successful career for their hard work.

Each course centers on projects that are similar to what students will experience in a real-life job. Students will feel like a professional from the first day you start at Ubiqum. They will learn by doing through real-world tasks instead of just learning concepts and not applying their knowledge.