5 reasons to join BSSA

You ask us: ‘For what reason should I join your school?’ We’ll give you five reasons. Starting with a surprising one: most of us are currently illiterate..

  1. Most of us are currently illiterate.
  2. Imagine you could read but not write – doesn’t make much sense, right?!
  3. It’s not just about the coding.
  4. What’s a better opportunity than this one to team up with others and launch your own startup?!
  5. LinkedIn currently hosts 18 000 self-proclaimed Growth Hackers against a whopping 120 000 open job posts. Looking for a job anybody?

1. Most of us are currently illiterate.

Did you realize that the OECD and UNESCO have broadened the definition of literacy? Besides reading, writing, and calculating, we are now also to understand technology.

Seems pretty logical, right? But the implications of this broadened definition are huge!

Forget about the “One world, one language?” debate, we’re long there! It might not be the spoken language we’ve been imagining, but it’s definitely already in place. Software has become a crucial layer to all our lives and not understanding its language will become as hard on people as being illiterate.