5 must follow channels for digital content creators of today

Who better to get inspiration from, than Queen Content – leading teacher of the Digital Content Creation course? Sarah de Lange – known for her loud, contagious laugh – coaches research, branding and concepting at different creative schools like Academy Artemis and Willem de Kooning. She is operative at The Talent Institute as well, where she formed the DCC programme from its beginning and tricked digital-content-field-specialists to come in and teach. Sarah pleads for more and better connections between creatives and commercial companies. Two worlds that are still living apart too much, but when they do come together: fireworks can happen, she believes. Life motto and greatest aim for her students: embrace the shake (check out this TED talk). ‘Which means as much as embracing your limitations… You can develop so much creativity within them!’

So where can we find the greatest, state-of-the-art and engaging content according to Sarah?

1) Upworthy

Upworthy came to existence because the founders noticed there is so much meaningless things to be found on the internet. As a result: Upworthy’s mission is to share and create stories that matter. Stories that make you feel good, inspired and more connected to others. A good mix between heavy and lighthearted subjects and always on a positive note. Great inspiration for becoming a winning storyteller!

2) The Big Story

The blog column on the website of The Big Story – a content marketing company from Amsterdam – is a great resource for every starting content creator. A couple of times a month they publish tips that are easy to read and put in practice, opposed to many others out there on the internet. Some examples of things they cover: hashtags on Instagram, starting with SEO or the psychology behind color use.

3) The Social Daily

The social media agency ‘Anyone?’ just started a new channel on Instagram called The Social Daily. Posting the newest facts and figures in social media, presented in a fun way. Some – not all – handy to know, like the most used Instagram filters or the newest feature on Facebook Messenger where you can now add emoji’s while video calling. This could be valuable to anticipate on in your own social media campaign.

4) Dag en Nacht Media

Podcasts are going to be the next big thing in content creation! Dag en Nacht Media creates their own podcasts and facilitate those that want to make one. You can find a variety of Dutch podcast on the platform, like ‘Een podcast over media’ (a podcast about media) of renowned public figures Alexander Klöpping (founder of Blendl) and Ernst-Jan Pfauth (publisher of de Correspondent). Super interesting! Or which I like as well: ‘Echt gebeurd’ (true story), where people tell beautiful, remarkable or funny stories they’ve been through. Podcasts can be ideal for companies that want to tell their story in a – still – unconventional way.

5) De Beste Social Media 

Want to know which companies are failing or nailing it, social media wise? Follow De Beste Social Media! Get inspired by companies outshining in costumer care, coming up with funny, positive replies to critical costumers through social media. At the other hand, you can learn from the many mistakes that are made by others. Also, the platform gathers the funniest Tweets and Facebook posts of the day: great to play along with for your own social media channel, and a great laugh guaranteed!

Offcourse you got excited! Want to learn how to create yourself? Check out more about the Digital Content Creation course here.