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” First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” ⇒ John Johnson

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B. Startup School Amsterdam offers you the tools to kickstart your career in Tech. Within 9 months, consisting of a three-month intensive course and a full-time paid traineeship, you will gain the essential skills, connections, and work experience you need. While studying in the biggest startup eco-system of Europe you get access to cutting-edge knowledge, a set of tools, a dynamic community, and learn and work together with experienced professionals from the industry.

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

This course is specifically designed to help ambitious people with a clear affinity with numbers and business challenges to take the leap into the world of data analytics. For this program, we are partnering with Ubiqum – an award-winning coding academy with campuses in Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Their learning methodology focuses on project-based learning. The fast-track program of thirteen weeks will provide you with a real-world professional setting to learn the most essential data analytics skills. After you’ve finished the program you will be able to interpret data and design reliable business solutions during a full-time traineeship.

Full-Stack Web development

The New York Code + Design Academy’s Full-stack Web Development program is designed to transform students with no prior coding experience into entry-level Full-Stack Web Developers. During the full-time course of three months, you will learn everything you need to know about front- and back-end web development to generate your own dynamic web applications. During this course, you will develop full web applications, find your way around technology stack:  HTML5/CSS, Javascript, NodeJs, Postgresql, FTP, Database theory, and develop algorithmic thinking. After this course of three months, you will start your paid traineeship at a company you love.

Meet the alumni



Fullstack webdevelopment

"I always had an interest in tech, but other than my CU2 account I did not have any experience in coding whatsoever when I started at BSSA. Now I think working on the back-end is most fun. It sounds simple but it takes solid coding skills. It was really exciting to be able to do that. Overall I think this is a great career change for me to pursue!"



Fullstack webdevelopment

"The internet has lots to offer regarding learning how to code yourself. I tried and failed a lot. Practicing every day I reached a certain skill level in about a month. After that, I didn’t think I could improve any more by myself. Then I stumbled upon the BSSA. I loved coding there! Honestly, I can’t stop doing it. Almost daily you need to hand in an assignments, which is good because it keeps you sharp and helped me to learn really fast."



Fullstack webdevelopment

"I wanted a new challenge, something finicky, something I had to struggle for. I wanted to learn a hard skill and it needed to be a skill that gave me some freedom, because I have a lot of ambitions. Learning to code at BSSA is quite intense, but a lot of fun! It is a community kind of feel, I feel a lot of camaraderies. And I rediscovered an old passion of me which is math. It’s just a lot of fun to have these problems and solve them – like coding! I think a lot of people would like this."



Fullstack webdevelopment

“BSSA was a great environment to improve my programming skills and their network was really useful to find a great job where I could continue to develop myself. A lot of people try to figure coding out by themselves, but it goes so much faster in a classroom with classmates who are all focussed to become great coders."

Our application process

  • Complete the application form and attach your resume

  • If you fit the criteria we will invite you for a video-call

  • In order to test your Tech talent and grit we will send you an assessment. Up for our first challenge?

  • Impressive assessment? A face to face appointment will be scheduled to discuss your career opportunities

  • YES, It‘s a match! We would like to welcome you to our program

Why we are dedicated to learn people how to code?

Companies where our alumni worked at during their traineeship

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my traineeship?

After your 6 month traineeship you will decide yourself what the next step in your career will be.

Where is the BSSA located?

The BSSA is located at B. Amsterdam, the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.

Your classrooms are located at B.2:

John M. Keynesplein 12-46 in Amsterdam

Can I apply if I’m not a Dutch citizen?

Yes you can! We welcome international students. However, make sure you have the right permits to work during your 6 month traineeship.

Is the program fulltime or parttime?

Both the 3 month training and the 6 month traineeship are fulltime. Also take into account that learning a new skill is as rewarding as it is intensive, so make sure you have enough time for the occasional extra studying and recharging.

In what language will the course be given?

Be prepared!  You will enter a international coding environment therefore all classes will be taught in English. All materials being provided during the course will also be in English.

Am I able to apply for other courses at another date?

We will provide multiple other courses in the near future. Stay tuned and visit our website regularly for updates.

Can I go on vacation during the course?

Learning a completely new skill in only 3 months requires full-time work and complete dedication from our students. Missing classes due to vacation is therefore not possible.

Can you help me to get a visum or work permit?

We welcome international students, but we do not offer support to help you obtain a visum, residence or work permit. All applicants are responsible themselves for obtaining the required permits to live and work in the Netherlands.

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